Signs of Anxiety and Depression

Signs of Anxiety and Depression

Collaborators: Dr. Robin Henderson and Majalise

What are the identifiable signs of anxiety and depression?

Objective: Students will be able to identify signs of anxiety and depression.

Time: 30 minutes

Materials: Power Point, projector, Definition/Checklist One Pager, Poster paper, writing utensils & sticky notes or Padlet as Digital Tool Option.

ICANHELP Activity:

Step One: Students brain dump all information, thoughts, definitions, ideas they have about anxiety and depression on a group poster paper.

  • Groups share out.
  • Post group generated posters.

Digital Option: Padlet projected on the screen while students enter words and lists?

Share video: What is Anxiety?

Step 2: Teacher shares clinical definitions. Mini Lesson. Model applying checklist to concept listed on the poster. Place the concept in the correct category including a new category “misconceptions”.

Step 3: Show Slide Show

Step 4: Teacher models categorizing a concept from the list. Students then return to groups and take poster and use the checklist to categorize their concepts

  • Move misconceptions to a group misconception poster with a sticky.)
  • Could use Digital Tool: Padlet to list categories.

Step 5: Gallery Walk: Students leave one group member at the table to “host”. The other tablemates travel to other posters and review their ideas – leave sticky notes for comments. After reviewing all posters, the tablemates return back to their original table and make any changes they have.

Questions: What did you notice about the other posters? What differences did you see on placement? What do you wonder?

IWILLHELP Discussion

  1. What do you do if you suspect someone has anxiety or depression?
  2. How do you support someone with anxiety or depression?
  3. How do you take care of yourself while caring for someone with anxiety or depression?

Use Anxiety & Depression Information Sheet

Follow Up Activity: Using Social Media Template for Twitter, SnapChat, or Instragram – draw a series of five posts for a school wellness campaign. Use #Work2BeWell and create your own # to help raise awareness during a week long school campaign.