Take Action Today to Improve Mental Health, Save Lives, and Support Your Peers

The #Work2BeWell digital wellness and empowerment program focuses on positively impacting the emotional well-being of teens and promoting mental health. Here you will find free curriculum, programs, and assets that can be used to help educate teens about mental health and wellness. Our platform is designed to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and reduce teen suicide, while being a hub to connect advocates and provide support for teens, parents and teachers. Work2BeWell bridges the conversation around difficult topics and partners with experts to provide access to credible resources including crisis lines, clinical experts, and educational resources. Join the movement today!

How You Can Work2BeWell

To improve your mental health and the mental health of students across the country, your help is needed! Work2BeWell is a movement that requires everyone working together to make the biggest possible impact. We can improve and save lives, but we have to take action first. See below how to get involved or contact us to join this campaign as a sponsor or learn more.

How You Can Work2BeWell

See what your peers are doing, take action, and learn how to raise awareness in your school and community.

How Your Teachers Can Work2BeWell

Get lessons, research, and learn about training opportunities both online and offline.

How Your Parents Can Work2BeWell

Tips and ideas on how to have a conversation about mental health with youth and become an advocate.

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