Mental Health Action Day: May 16th, 2024

W2BW is participating in Mental Health Action Day by sharing a mental health activity and resource that can be completed within 1 hour. In the Relationships Curriculum, you’ll have access to the Critical Conversations Module – Powerpoint, Facilitator Notes, Workbook, and Webinar. We highly encourage you to get involved with Mental Health Action Day by learning about Critical Conversations through the Powerpoint or Webinar and filling in the Workbook. Click here to explore all of the Critical Conversations resources available!

The Critical Conversations Webinar was created under the W2BW and NASSP partnership and is very helpful in understanding how to approach and manage difficult conversations. This webinar prepares students for heart-to-heart conversations with parents, peers, etc. prior to the conversations, and helps them navigate conversations when they don’t go so well.