How Work2BeWell is Working Across the Country and How You Can Get Involved

In 2019, Work2BeWell students made the news after successfully advocating for a law in Oregon that allows students to take “mental health days,” just as you would take a “sick” day. The new law reduces the pressure put on students and gives them needed time and space to care for themselves while working hard to be successful in their life at school and beyond. Coverage of the law was shared over 130,000 times on social media and reached an estimated 1M+ people.

Before fighting for this bill to be passed, students worked together to form a Work2BeWell club at their school.

Get Involved, Become an Advocate

Become a leader in the Work2BeWell movement. Join the Work2BeWell Think Tank, known as the Digital Empowerment Program. This is a forum where members can post and bring attention to anything happening online and related to digital wellness.

To join, simply fill out basic information and submit your application to join the Think Tank. We will review your application and provide you with login credentials or the reason for denial.

Empower Your Students and School Community to Broadly Share Digital Wellness and Improve Mental Health

Does your school community currently have the tools to prevent negativity, support mental health, and promote digital wellness?

We would like to introduce you to the Work2BeWell curriculum, which was designed to help you teach and empower your students to broadly share digital wellness throughout your school community, resulting in a happier, healthier student body and a decrease in social media and mental health-related incidents.

With our toolkit and resources, you can accomplish the following:

  • Lead digital wellness activities
  • Analyze your current efforts and discover what is lacking
  • Teach students about digital wellness and mental health
  • Start a digital wellness/mental health club
  • Train students to advocate for themselves

Ready to get started? Visit our CURRICULUM page for free lessons flexible for any classroom. You will find additional key resources for teachers, parents, and students HERE.

It’s hard to give the world your best when your mental health is under attack. Youth face tremendous obstacles, distractions, and pressures on a daily basis. In other words, we understand that it’s not easy being you. We’re here to give you resources, training, and more to help you and your friends live better, happier, and healthier lives. Work2BeWell is simply your guide — helping to create advocates and changemakers like you who will change their lives and the lives of others for the better. Be sure to check out all of our site resources, including:

The CDC reports a 30% increase in suicide since 1999. Your mental health has never been more important than it is today. Are you ready to be well and become an advocate for your peers? Learn how below and Work2BeWell along with us.

Share Digital Wellness; Create a Better World for Your Children and Their Peers

As a parent, it’s only natural to worry about the health of your children. In a digital world, there are additional concerns that didn’t exist just several decades ago. While technology does present new challenges, it has also opened up new opportunities and resulted in countless resources that can improve the lives of your children and peers.

Work2BeWell is a movement that helps your children and their peers better manage technology, time, and their mental health. Our digital toolkit and Work2BeWell resources are intended to spark conversations and change, and empower you to become an advocate for your child, their school community, and youth across the country. Be sure to check out our