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Where do you carry your tension? Have you thought about it? Do you know? I carry mine in my shoulders and neck. I found this out when I started to notice every time I was really stressed out my neck would tighten up and my shoulders would pinch a little! It got so bad I was going to get massages on a weekly basis! That was getting expensive. My stress wasn’t really going away and now I’m even more stressed about all of the money I was spending on massages (I was single at the time…no honey to massage me! haha).

So I spoke with a friend who is a yoga instructor and she told me that doing yoga would reduce the symptoms I was having and prevent them from coming back!

Vanessa CAsillas, PsyD says the benefits of yoga are many! In addition to flexibility, yoga is also good for improving muscle tone, weight management, quieting our minds, cardiovascular health and balance!

Managing Stress for Teens

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It is scientifically proven to improve your mental wellbeing by lowering stress and anxiety while building strength! Also…it’s free if you want it to be! A quick search on youtube and you’ll be introduced to thousands of yogis who offer their videos for free! You can even search by specific issues such as “yoga for emotional stability” or “yoga for dealing with stress at work” …you’ll be surprised at how much you can find!

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Our partners at Well-Being Trust and Providence Medical Group have challenged us to a 21 Day Stress Management Challenge. View our introduction to the challenge here.