Meditation for stress relief

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Fun fact…you meditate every second of everyday! You are a meditation pro…unfortunately we spend hours upon hours meditating on the wrong thing. We focus on the hardships, on the stresses, on the heartbreak and we manifest those things right into our day today. We are powerhouses for such behavior.

That’s why we NEED guided meditations! Someone to walk us through how to change our current programming. Because like it or not…you already are meditating, why not just learn to do it in a way that will benefit your life and reduce stress and anxiety?? It would be silly not to right?

Do I have the permission to speak freely? Good, here’s my truth…a situation came up in my personal life that sent me immediately spinning down a very negative and painful spiral. I thought up of the worst case scenario and ran with it. For 9 days I was in this pit of despair as some would call it. I focused so strongly on the negative, on what I didn’t want to happen so much so that it happened! When I realized what manifested in my life, I immediately changed my thinking. I started envisioning what I wanted to happen, what the best case scenario would be and the next time I approached the situation, my outcome was quite different. Completely different actually. It was the outcome I deeply desired. So put this to the test. Try it.

It’s okay if you don’t really know where to start, that’s where guided meditations come into play! All that’s required is that you listen and you’ll move effortlessly into the renewing waters of your subconscious mind. Practice makes perfect. The more you listen to these guided meditations, the easier it’ll become for you to enter that place of peace and positivity on your own!

Want more proof that meditations could better your entire being and your life? Our partners at Well-Being Trust said that the subconscious mind has control over the 37.2 TRILLION cells of your body, and also regulate and connect all 12 systems that keep you alive and functional including the cardiovascular (heart), endocrine gland, respiratory, nervous, immune, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic (detoxing), musculoskeletal, reproductive and urinary systems! That is truly impressive and should never be taken for granted .

Practice some meditations and give your subconscious mind what it truly needs, peace and positivity to better serve your being.

Tip: You can find guided meditations on YouTube for free! Just a simple search will give you endless resources!