Stress Free Challenge

Let’s start this challenge off by putting something on our list we can do everyday without much effort…spending time outdoors. Sound too good to be true right? Well it’s not! Just 20 minutes outside can not only help with boosting your energy and immune system, but it can also help with mediating pain and help with focus and creativity!

I know I’m not the only one who suffers from feeling inspired at times. Spending time outdoors helps me clear my mind, it encourages me to day dream, it assists in my need to use all of my 5 senses. So grab a warm coat or a light sweater and take yourself on a walk! You earned it!

Our partners at Well-Being Trust (part of Providence Medical Group) say that studies have shown that spending time outdoors reduces our tendency to brood over the negative aspects of our lives, and increases positive feelings overall. Dr. Kyle Benner with Providence Medical Group also adds that Aerobic exercise has been shown to help with mild anxiety and depression with a goal of 3 hours per week! Resistance training has been shown to be helpful with cognition and memory. There are also endless benefits to physical health as well.

You can do it! Get outside and get one step closer to feeling centered and energized! Also let me know if you completed today’s challenge!