A. Justiniani’s #BeThere Story

The people that helped me through this was my two best friends Chris and Skyler. After a bad break up with a guy that I thought loved me, I went into a depression breakdown. I wasn’t eating, sleeping or going out. I didn’t do really anything at all. But Chris and Skyler took me out and showed me not all guys are the same. They took me to get lunch and showed me I don’t need a man because I had them. My depression was slowly going down, and I started off slowly eating and sleeping. They would bring me coffee at school and food. Chris would always be there and helped me when Skyler couldn’t. And soon I met this really sweet guy name Ernest. He helped me find what love was and showed me that it was okay to have depression. He was amazing to me and he still is. He is the reason why I’m still alive.