21-Day Stress Management Challenge

Stress Management tips for teens

With Thanksgiving behind us, gladiator style bargain shopping from Back Friday a faint memory, Christmas and New Years fast approaching…let’s take this year to try something new when it comes to stress management! Yes, I’m talking to you…put down the wine and eggnog and lets push these holiday worries and stressors aside and focus on ways this year to be gentler to ourselves! Let’s be more loving and self-aware, lets limit and minimize stress where we can. The holidays can bring on a new onset of stress, anxiety, and depression we are not accustomed to dealing with on a daily basis. I mean, we can only be asked so many times about our limited love life and our current financial state before we completely lose our minds!

Did you know it only takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit? Well, it’s true! So take the time to be proactive with my 21 day challenge. I’ve partnered with Perks of Ambition and Providence Medical Group to bring you up to date information and doctor interviews pertaining to stress and how to better manage it!

Every day you will learn new ways to feel centered in the midst of chaos, to feel happy despite what you normally feel around this time of year. this challenge will help you reduce stress, depression, and anxiety in an easy way! Now you can pick up that eggnog and enjoy the holidays how it’s meant to be enjoyed!