10 Halloween Crafts for Kids

Maybe your child can’t have candy or isn’t into trick-or-treating. But that doesn’t mean they have to sit idle on Halloween. Indulge in these fun activities to keep your little ones occupied:

  1. Creepy crawly pumpkins. These pumpkin spiders make great decorations for your front porch, and your child can even hand them out instead of candy at school. To make them, gather either real or faux mini pumpkins and use paint, markers or household items like beans or lentils to create the eyes. Tape or glue black pipe cleaners to the bottom of the pumpkin to make the legs.
  2. Black cat pumpkins. Take regular pumpkins of varying sizes to make these adorable cat pumpkins. Using black paint, cover the entirety of the pumpkin and cut shapes out of colored paper to make the ears, eyes, nose and whiskers. If you’re making this project with toddlers, ensure the paint you’re using is non-toxic.
  3. Hanging ghost piñatas. If your child doesn’t eat sweets, fill these piñatas with small toys for a fun activity you can recreate year after year. For this do-it-yourself project, start with a paper lantern and decorate using colored crepe paper. Fill with goodies, and your spooky pal is complete!
  4. Trick-or-treat tote bags. Even if your child doesn’t use these for their Halloween candy haul, they’ll enjoy personalizing these fun tote bags with their favorite goblins and ghouls. Download a spooky image and have an adult use iron-on transfer paper to attach it to the tote, or let your kids use stencils, glitter paint, felt and markers to create frightfully original ideas of their own.
  5. Haunted house. What gingerbread houses are to Christmas, haunted houses are to Halloween. Roll up your sleeves and build a mini haunted house using carved pumpkins, paper spider webs and toilet paper roll ghosts as the backdrop, or use cereal boxes to make it more realistic. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like and can keep your child busy for hours. When cutting out window shapes, take care that an adult is using the scissors or knife.
  6. Scary accessories. Super easy to make, this quick project is suitable for large groups. Depending on your child’s costume, craft paper can go a long way in creating princess crowns, Halloween headbands, witches hats and more.
  7. Masquerade masks. Kids love these masks because they can get really creative with them. The best part is, you can usually make them with materials you already have in your home. They make a great last-minute Halloween costume, and your child can make a variety of different styles depending on the look they want.
  8. Ghost lights. These tiny ghosts look more cute than scary, but they make an excellent craft for kids looking to stay in on Halloween. All you need are ping pong balls and a little imagination to get started. Decorate your trees or string them around the house for spooky ambiance.
  9. Glow-in-the-dark slime. Part science experiment, this slippery project will keep your little ones occupied and give them a glimpse into how different substances react with one another. Help them make a tub for themselves, then fill a few tiny pots with the slime to hand out as Halloween favors.
  10. Healthy Halloween snacks. If your child wants to opt for an edible craft night, whip up a batch of healthy, but creepy goodies such as clementine pumpkins, veggie monster pizza and pretzel broomsticks for a candy-free holiday that’s just as sweet.

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