Be a Mental Health Advocate


Work2BeWell offers free mental health lessons, videos, and articles to improve teen mental health and wellness. Watch videos targeted to specific mental health concerns, review our free curriculum, and join us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to participate in conversations that promote positive mental health dialogue and increase awareness. Contact our partner Crisis Lines for immediate support if you need someone to talk or are experiencing a mental health emergency.


Use Work2BeWell tools to impact the lives of your peers and school by increasing awareness and reducing mental health stigma. Download our free Work2BeWell mental health lessons designed for educator or peer-to-peer use. Talk with your school about teen-led presentations on Self-Care & Mindfulness, Stress, Anxiety & Depression, or Mental Health First Aid. Use the Summit Checklist on our implementation page to plan a student-led mental health summit that highlights teen experiences, teen voices, and teen led action within mental health. 


Connect with your teachers, friends, and parents about the mental health needs in your community. Form a local Work2BeWell student advisory council to promote mental health resources, virtual events, social media campaigns, and grassroots advocacy.


Have ideas for promoting teen mental health and wellness? Share with us on our Student Highlights page how you Work2BeWell, especially during the increased challenges of COVID-19. Send details about your upcoming events open to the public so that we can add to our events page and increase action-based student movements.