Promote Your Teen’s Mental Health

Parents and guardians play a pivotal role in teen mental health and wellness. Walk side by side with your teen to promote mental health awareness, access key resources, and build conversations that matter.


Access free videos and articles on focused mental health topics within our Work2BeWell hub resources. Use our toolkits to lean in to mental health dialogue and cultivate critical conversations with your teen. Join us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter to participate in conversations that promote positive mental health dialogue and increase awareness.


Use our free Work2BeWell mental health lessons and discussion guides as tools for talking as a family about Self-Care & Mindfulness, Stress, Anxiety & Depression, or Mental Health First Aid. Build on articles and videos from our partners to ensure key conversations with your teen that promote awareness, reduce stigma, and create understanding.


Talk with your teen about their mental health concerns and priorities. Consider as a family how you can promote mental health and digital wellness within your home, and advocate for mental health awareness in your community. 


Share Work2BeWell with other parents and guardians as well as with your teen’s school. Promote mental health awareness through your family’s use of social media and advocate for community mental health events.