Empower Your Students and School to Improve Teen Mental Health

Does your school community currently have the tools to prevent negativity, support mental health, and promote digital wellness? Implement Work2BeWell core curriculum and resources to amplify student voices and promote mental health awareness. Review our full implementation plan and resources on our Implementation Page.


Our Work2BeWell curriculum was designed to help you teach and empower your students to broadly share digital wellness throughout your school community, resulting in a happier, healthier student body. Use our site to download free curriculum, posters, and examples of social media designed to promote mental health and digital wellness.


Our curriculum and resources are designed to empower you to lead digital wellness activities, and to assist students in designing and providing peer-to-peer presentations and support. Use our implementation guide and resources to access key resources beyond curriculum for your school or classroom. Through key activities that amplify student voices, you can foster student-led mental health movement to reduce stigma associated with mental health and create a safer environment for all.


Start a Student Advisory Council at your school to engage students on mental health topics that are critical to them. Leverage Social Media to make an impact, create events, and advocate for your teens’ mental health priorities at the local and state level. 


Share your successes with Work2BeWell so that we can highlight your school’s achievements within mental health, promote your virtual events, and advocate for your mental health priorities.